Monday, 30 November 2015

                                                              !!AMBER DAY!!

On the 4th of December, the tys (us) are having an amber day associated with Amber flag. We have commitees including events, PR, website and art and design for posters etc..

Amber day is all about positivity, so some of us are going around being amber fairies to each class to sprinkle our positivity glitter all around the students of St.Wolstans. We are also going to do amber face paint on the first years and a cut out cardboard stand so the sixth years can take a picture of themselves with a quote saying "Dear first year me, don't be stressed."

We are also going to have a bakesale, which every ty will bake something for it and we will raise the money.

We all have roles so that we are organised and everyone has something to do for amber day because its all about taking part and spreading positivity.

We also made orange bracelets out of wool that we plaited for the ty's so to show positivity.

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