Thursday, 26 November 2015

                                                             Carlingford Trip:))

I brought my suitcases that had clothes that I didn't care about getting dirty, including three pairs of runners, one pair to get dirty, another pair to get wet for water activities and a pair to wear up and home, I  also packed a toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, underwear (obviously), a raincoat, pj's and my dressing gown.

Activities included in Carlingford were so fun and enjoyable. We were separated into two groups (A and B) to do the activities. The activities were split up, for us (group B), the first thing we did was land activities which was like a race of different activities to see who could get the most gems. We got split into three groups. It included a lot of co operation but it was easy to communicate with others and was really funny. RoRo was our leader, she was a fab person.

After the activities we walked straight back to the Carlingford activity centre to have lunch. We had chicken goujons and chips and we ate in the food hall. After that we went back to our groups and we were going to do water activities after. We walked to the water activity centre were we brought a change of clothes and runners because it was necessary!! They also have spare shoes there incase you didn't bring a pair, but I'm pretty sure nobody wants to put their feet into someone else's shoes. We all got wetsuits which was the worst putting on because they smelled so bad and they were wet, since the other group did water activities first. The first thing we did was we went peer jumping, two platforms one higher then the other, peer jumping was amazing, such a good experience so don't chicken out or you will regret it. Then we canoed over to the platform in the middle of the bay and we waited till' our turn to go on the water trampoline. Watch out for John, he'll push you off.

We then went back to the activity centre to get dinner, we had stew, vegetarians had a different meal. I don't like stew. So we went to the room which we chose who we wanted to share a room with, the more people you share a room with the better the room is, you'll get your own bathroom and it's bigger. Smaller rooms are fair enough, it was only for one night. Later on we got showers and changed into our pj's and we went to the chinese or other's could go chipper, but I went to the chinese got myself a spicebag and it was so nice but very filling, and you get a coke with it so bring money.

We stayed up and chatted for a while but our bed time was really early because there were younger people there, we went to bed at 11:00 p.m but we could stay up and talk. I fell asleep at 2:00 a.m.

The next day they woke us up at 7:30 a.m with the bears necessity song through the intercom, it was horrible. We got dressed and went to get breakfast and then my group went to do ziplining, which was AMAZING. Don't back out of it, you will regret it so much. It's an incredible experience.

After all the fun and games, it was time to pack and go home.

I recommend Carlingford, it's an amazing trip and you  will not regret it.

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